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Medical Tourism Israel (MTI) is a medical facilitator based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Israel's professional medical doctors and professional staff are recognized and respected worldwide as are the healthcare and high-quality world-renowned hospitals and clinics. Israel boasts some of the highest standards in health care modern facilities and a particularly very high specialist-patient ratio compared to the rest of the world.

English and most major languages are spoken by the doctors, nurses and professional staff as well as all over Israel. Israel - the Holy Land, so rich in history, archeology and nature reserves and sites, especially the Dead Sea region and all its unique benefits! There is so much to see and to do for the accompanying person and for the client while recuperating in Israel. A personal wellness program to incorporate diet, spa facilities for treatments as well as lifestyle counseling can be added. One can choose from the various exclusive spas and wellness centers in Israel and participate in a program which will help one to re-establish the state of well-being, relieve feelings of fatigue and stress as well as to regenerate the body and restore life energy.

All aspects to make this experience as personal and stress-free as possible have been taken into consideration. The physician and the patient meet right at the beginning via video-tele-conference or Skype. This offers the opportunity to discuss face-to-face all possibilities which will allow the surgeon to research and investigate and offer the best procedures.

The responsibilities of MTI are to assist and coordinate and provide as per the request and the choice of the patient some or all of the following:
  • to coordinate with the physician(s) and the hospital chosen by the client
  • to provide all services needed at competitive prices to suit all budgets
  • to ensure flawless, personal services of the highest standard
  • to assist in flight arrangements & land transportation to/from airport and to/from hospital
  • to reserve the best accommodations and offer our services to the client and accompanying person while they are in Israel - from the time that they land to the time that they depart.
  • to meet and assist at the airport (VIP from the aircraft or from Passport Check )
  • to arrange all optional tourism services while the client is recuperating in Israel
  • to assure 24/7 emergency coordination
  • to coordinate visits and appointments through the medical maze
  • to guarantee health optimization with Concierge Service
Rafi Shelef Tourism (International) Ltd 80 Menachem Begin Road. 6713827, Tel Aviv, Israel
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